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From 1st November 2009

A new Illustrated Addenda & Corrigenda, of some 20 pages, will be included free with all new retail purchases of Volume II. It lists another 60 cars discovered since the 2003 edition.

Available Now: Volume II of
Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys

Published October 2003

This remarkably comprehensive book, written by Ray Roberts, is built around the three eras of the Bentley car, spanning more than eighty years. In this book he details the many specially constructed and modified cars seen on the pre- and post-war Bentley chassis. Their wonderful variety never ceases to amaze and delight the enthusiast.


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Some comparatively unmodified cars are also included for interest. We hope we can look forward to the appearance of many more Specials, reflecting the wide range of interest in the marque... (read more...)


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BS&SB Volume II: The second and final part of this comprehensive work

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This is the home of We publish the third in Ray Robert's extended series of books on the Bentley Car. This series started in 1978 with 'A Pride of Bentleys' (with John Adams), and then continued in 1991 with the first Volume of 'Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys'. We are now delighted to present the third, and as Ray says, '...definitely the final!' book in this comprehensive series.

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