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600 Pages.
850 Photos.
500 more cars.
All of this in Volume II.

This new volume presents a wide ranging study of the marque, including the Vintage, Derby and Crewe Built Chassis, as seen in Artwork, Coachwork, Dashboard Illustrations, Price records, Four Litre chassis current history.

It includes Constructors, 'B' series and Aeroengined cars, Superchargers, Competition drivers and Personalities. Also included are Scale model cars, and Racing, with a Comprehensive section charting 50 years of racing of CRICKLEWOOD, DERBY and CREWE cars at venues around the world. Specially constructed and modified cars are treated in some detail, as is the photographic record. A brief chapter touches upon Bentley pre-war racing.
A further 500 cars not included in Volume 1 are recorded, which together with the Volume I chassis and Registration Numbers included in the Indices, makes a grand total of 1300.

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